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Time and Relative Dimension in Space
Don't blink
The Present 
20th-Oct-2009 01:39 pm - <3
Bad Wolf

2nd-Oct-2009 07:08 pm - Bints and Batmen


Anyway, I was going to fill this post with More Stuff, like the crazy badass dream I had the other night, but that will have to wait for another time when Tyrone hasn't called dibs on the computer for most of the night.

THEREFORE I will simply leave you with some of the stuff kids say while riding ponies.

"What's your favourite animal?"

"What's the best animal you've seen today?"
"...really. How many batmans have you seen?"
"Oh there's only one."

After trying to get a name out of the kid for about five minutes of stubborn silence:

"What's your favourite animal?"
"Tigers and dinosaurs."
"Awesome! What's the best kind of dinosaur?"
"My batman shirt."

...what is it with the goddamn Batman!?
24th-Sep-2009 06:36 am(no subject)
Bad Wolf
Tell-tale fingertip stains
My guilty morning pleasure
Over-the-fence mulberries
24th-Aug-2009 12:25 pm - <3
Bad Wolf

10th-Aug-2009 07:11 am - Yeen in Oz: Episode 1
Bad Wolf
A couple of posts back said my next post would begin to chronicle the visit of the Yeener in Oz. And then I posted about cheetahs. So, NOW I actually begin putting up some of the pictures from the epic month-or-so-that-wasn't-long-enough-anyway. Starting with Bribie Island Sunrise Morning, which was neither the first nor last thing we did, but undoubtedly the prettiest. It was a really nice day.

As usual, more beneath cut.Collapse )
9th-Aug-2009 04:56 pm - Mrrrow
Doctor smug
Took my son to see the cheetahs for his birthday.

'Cause I'm a good mum.

That's all.
2nd-Aug-2009 09:43 am - I had two weeks off
Bad Wolf
So I wasn't at work for two weeks, I had this thing called a 'holiday'. The first week we spent more time in our car than we did in bed, the second week I was SIIIIICK. So I'm not exaaaactly feeling 'refreshed and rested' as one is supposed to feel after a holiday, but nonetheless we did manage to do lots of fun stuff.

The time in the car was, more specifically, spent driving to Canberra and back. There was enormous doubt amongst everyone who is in any way familiar with my car that we'd actually make it... but WE DID. HELLS YEAH, Falafel wins at the game of driving. Oh, god so much driving. All the driving.

Anyway, photos are generally more fun than long winded explanations of what we did (also, the main purpose of this trip was visiting Tyrone's family, which probably won't be entirely apparent with the selection of photos I have to share), so yeah, lots of photos.

Nyer! I went on holiday and you didn't!

And a buttload more...Collapse )

Holy crap that was a lot of pictures.

Some notes about the trip that were not covered via imagery:

- WTF is with metal seats on the public toilts in NSW? HOLY FREAKING COLDNESS, BATMAN.
- New South Wales seems to care a heck of a lot about reducing speeding. It was quite good, actually. I like being warned extensively when there are cameras around. It made for an interesting observation driving between the states; in NSW, every other billboard is about reducing your speed. Once you cross the border into QLD? DON'T GET STDI'S!!!
- The city of Ryde, in Sydney, is... um, no fun? Seriously, they have signs up around the park telling you EVERYTHING you're not allowed to do in its lovely city. Including, but not limited to: Annoying people, landing light aircraft on the oval, and drinking without permission (they did not clarify WHERE, am I to assume you need the council's permission to have a bottle of wine over dinner in your own house???).
- WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PETROL STATIONS. Now, I'm used to petrol being very easy to find the moment you pull off the highway. NOT SO IN SYDNEY. We spent, like, an HOUR crawling the streets of some random suburb looking for fuel and subsequently finding our way out after getting horribly, horribly lost.
- There's something to be said about Sydney's method of building roads. Mountains? Going OVER the mountains? Hell no, we're going to CARVE STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF IT. Those roads would be a pain in the ass to widen.
- Ranger has now walked through a Canberra shopping center, been down an escalator, sat under the table in a fancy Canberra cafe, been through the tourist center at Jindabyne, and had his name called over the loudspeaker at the National War Museum.

Wow I think that's it for now.

Next photocrunk will involve the Epic But Too Short Visit of the Yeener.
23rd-Jul-2009 08:58 pm - <3
Bad Wolf

(Then come back to Oz.)
14th-Jun-2009 08:11 am - Doggen
Bad Wolf
HAAAAAAHAHAhahahaa I've been LJ slack.

But this is just a v. v. v. quick post that I should have made yesterday, the contents of which would have read:

25th-May-2009 08:46 pm - Some things
Bad Wolf
1. WOW I'm getting tired of the wet-feet-at-work thing. Really, really tired of it. I was relocating sand the other day, while this miniature torrential river was flowing down the footpath, and a little gecko came past, spreadeagled over the water and just spiralling down with the flow. It was so adorable. I rescued him with my shovel and airlifted him to safety.

2. My car. My car. AUGHdahlgjfds.

3. I've just noticed that the cockatiels have been chewing on the piece of paper upon which Tyrone wrote his proposal to me. I'd be sadder, if he hadn't spilt beer on it several years ago.

4. Drunk Xie is a DIRTY DIRTY THIEF!!! >:EEEE

5. Embarrassed-and-horrified-next-day-sober Xie is adorable.

6. I've been drawing a lot this weekend, hooray! Drawing in a sketchy, relaxing, conceptual and largely geeky kind of way and it's been lovely and creative and fun. Also I'm getting more accustomed to the drawing of human figures. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN.


8. How is everyone? <3
15th-Apr-2009 09:48 pm - Latin help!
Doctor smug
I love that I can turn to my wonderful flist when I want to make something intellgient and latin-sounding. Thus; can anyone help me?

I want some text that would basically translate to 'Safari of the Obscure'; for a 'global safari of obscure animals'. The word 'safari' itself can remain as it is, so what I really want is the correct way to say... 'of the obscure'. Yeah. If that's even possible.

I love you guys, y'know.

(PS. Brockwell is having way too much fun playing the piano tonight. His music is all very dark and mysterious.)
So, we're walking along the back perimeter track together. One of us is holding a bucket, the other is holding a rope attached to a large, friendly camel. The rain is barely a drizzle, more like a mist in the air, and when the sun pokes out between clouds and lights up the droplets, the world is beautiful.

"You know, there's an old Japanese legend that says that whenver there's a sunshower, it means a fox is getting married."
"...you really believe that?"
"You're not meant to! It's a legend. A myth. Like, a superstition. You just imagine it, and it makes the world a little bit more... magical."
"Yeah, well. Did you know that every time a... a... leaf. Falls. It means a... whale. Is... dancing."
"And isn't that just a beautiful mental picture?"
"... ...yeah."
"I bet you believe it, still."
"What, that somewhere out there right now a little fox groom with his little fox wife are standing there, listening to the ceremony being conducted by a little fox priest..?"
"No, no, no.."
"The priest isn't a fox. A fox wouldn't be a priest!"
"No, seriously. The priest is... something... the priest is an owl. An owl would be marrying the foxes."
"... ...so typical."
3rd-Apr-2009 09:46 pm(no subject)
Dear LJ,

Yesterday it wouldn't stop raining. FOR EVER. The kangaroos nearly washed away.
Today I got a leech on me!!

The end.

PS. Ranger just came in and the expression on his face was something like; "Hi mum! You like wet dogs, right!? :D"
25th-Mar-2009 10:53 am - OH NOES
Dear readers,

I have suffered complete identity-loss amnesia. Please fill in the blanks. Tell me who I am! I trust you, my friends, to tell me only the truth and to steer me in the right direction.

[I caught the illness from goblinpaladin. I suspect it may spread. Please be careful.]
10th-Mar-2009 08:51 pm - Me, me!
So a whiiiiile ago the illustrious cutselvage did a meme in which she was given five topics by the-one-who-memed-before-her upon which she would expand in an entry of the LJ. I'm finally getting around to actually expanding upon the topics she subsequently gave me, and, in the spirit of memes, hereby offer to present anyone who is bored or otherwise willing with five topics of their own! My topics and paragraphs of thought pertaining to those topics are as follow:

1. Nighteyes

Easily my favourite character who features in the 'Farseer' and 'Tawny Man' trilogies by Hobin Hobb, and I'd be lying if I said that the fact that he happens to be a wolf had nothing to do with it (but not everything!). Everyone who I know of that has read the books agrees that Nighteyes is a fantastic character, even if they don't share my Great Fondness for Wolves. Despite being an animal bonded to a human in a world where such a bond is largely reviled and mistrusted, Nighteyes is probably one of the most level-headed characters in the novels, and one of the few that doesn't leave you perpetually pulling out your hair and screaming "WHY OH GOD WHYYYY!?!!". He's smart, loyal, honest, and lives for the day, and if I was a wolf I might want to marry him.

2. Dingoes

...I could go on for hours, hours, hoooouuuurs about dingoes. First and foremost, they're one of the most misunderstood creatures on the earth. There are two general opinions people seem to have of them, at complete opposite ends of the spectrum and both very, very wrong. There's the 'big bad wolf' image, closely associated with the 'dingo ate my baby' phenomenon (my opinion? I don't honestly know enough about the case to give an authoritative response, but I do believe if it was an animal that took the baby, it's far more likely to have been a hybrid), and then there's the people who believe a dingo must be 'just like a normal dog'. Now, the phrase 'normal dog' in itself gets my hackles up- because seriously, what the hell is a 'normal dog'? The domestic dog, canis lupus familiaris, comes in so many varieties- shapes, sizes, colours, builds, purposes, personalities... that it is just plain ludicrous to conceive of an 'average' dog that is 'normal'. Though I get the feeling most people, when they say 'normal dog', mean something like the classic, lay-by-the-fire 'man's best friend', probably in the shape of a labrador or a beagle or a border collie. Which I can assure you, the dingo is nothing like. They are a shy animal, naturally fearful of anything that could pose a threat to it- in general, anything bigger than it and/or unfamiliar to it. They don't regard humans as natural prey, and in natural circumstances will go out of their way to avoid having anything to do with human beings. They're not vicious, they're not aggressive, and they're not scary. But they are wild animals, and so when human beings impose themselves upon the animal's home, and do things to change the animal's behaviour, they're asking for trouble.

Individuals can be 'tamed' or 'socialised' to the extent that they will consider humans part of their pack, but you cannot 'domesticate' a dingo. This is not, contrary to common misinformed belief, due to the fact that you could 'never trust a dingo' no matter how it's raised, that there's always the chance it could 'turn on you' or 'go savage', but in fact entirely due to the actual meaning of 'domestication'. You can tame an individual. But you domesticate a species. Domestication takes generations, choosing individuals from each generation with the traits you are looking for (in this case 'tameness') to be the only ones to breed and create the next generation. Keep going down the line, and eventually you'd get a 'domestic dingo', but you know what you've done there people? You've re-created the domestic dog. It's not a dingo anymore; by selecting for 'tameness' you will have taken away a great deal of what makes the dingo what it is. Dingoes were never brought to Australia in a 'partially domesticated' state, either, despite what many texts try to suggest. Again, individual pups might have been taken from dens and raised with families, either in SE Asia or Australia itself anything up to 5,000 years ago, but the fact is they were individuals, and when that individual died it wouldn't have been replaced with its carefully bred offspring, but simply another wild pup pulled out of the bush.


3. Roleplaying

Roleplaying! Considered by many to be one of the geekiest hobbies in all the world, I consider it an incredibly stimulating, often thoroughly entertaining way to be creative with other people. I'm very much at home with text-based roleplay, I think largely because I've enjoyed creative writing since I was old enough to write the alphabet. Being able to build stories with like-minded people is great fun, and the entirely free-form, spontaneous nature of it is very appealing to me. 'Tabletop' roleplay can be a lot of fun too and I've got some brilliant memories surrounding them (both of the actual games themselves, and the general lunacy that seems to surround them) though they tend to need a fair bit more structure and organisation, and commitment from a set group of people.

4. Drawing/painting

Love it. First drawing I ever made, according to mum, was a knedlik (NOM NOM NOM), which I shortly afterwards decided would look much better as a kitty, and so I gave the vaguely potato-shaped blob on the page a face, whiskers, pointy ears, and a little blobby body. I still have that drawing, I know I was very small when I made it. Since then I have drawn easily thousands and thousands of other things, covering sketchbooks, reams of computer paper (I remember drawing on the old-school stuff with the little perforated strips down either side!!), on the covers of primary school work books, around high school notes, uni notes, on walls, on pads next to the phone, on napkins, in fact- it's fairly safe to say that if I see a drawing implement and an empty drawable surface near each other, I'm going to end up drawing something on it. It's less often these days that I knuckle down and actually finish a serious drawing, mainly due to my level of exhaustion during my free time these days, but it still gives me endless satisfaction to draw something nice.

Painting takes a bit more time, effort, and pre-planning. It needs more space; I usually paint on much bigger surfaces than on which I draw, and I need more room for a variety of coloured paints, brushes, pots of water, reference pictures etc etc, whereas I can draw on a scrap of paper in my lap with a single pencil while curled up on the couch. But it is very rewarding. Acrylics and watercolours are what I usually work in; acrylics something I feel like I've still got a lot to learn with (maybe one day I'll be game enough to try oils, but I'm not sure... I tend to get impatient and the incredible drying time between layers needed for oils might make that a very short lived venture), while I think I've reached a certain agreement with watercolours (at one stage the BANE OF MY ARTISTIC EXISTENCE) and generally feel very proud of what I can create with them.

Safe to say, 99% of the time my subjects in both drawings and paintings are animals.

5. The Capsized Duck

Is the name of our unofficial 'bar'. It's logo is a duck in some water, floating upside-down with its little webbed feet in the air. I think the first appearance of the Duck was actually at camp; I have a distinct memory of the early cardboard version of the bar sign hanging above the doorway of our cabin at Allawah. But it has since been upgraded to a rather fetching wooden sign, making an appearance at our engagement party (to the amusement of many guests and family members), a couple of cocktail parties, and now hangs above our kitchen doorway (to the irritation of many people coming through our kitchen). If I ever write a book and the characters go to an old school pub, it'll probably be called 'The Capsized Duck'. There's a much greater chance of that happening than me actually opening a pub myself.
1st-Mar-2009 03:49 pm - HAPPY ZM DAY.

Because Aidan reminded me, and my brain is still totally in the creative zone.

Dawg.Collapse )
28th-Feb-2009 09:52 pm - Art dump!
So, my creativity has been visiting some very random places lately, culminating in... these.

...yeah.Collapse )

I don't THINK this is the end of my splurge of utterly RANDOM CREATIVE BRAIN EXERCISES. I'm not sure. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
1st-Feb-2009 05:26 pm - Brainjacked
So, a scene popped into my head and hijacked my brain and wouldn't let me rest until I'd written it, so now I think I've created some fanfiction. Oh, noes. It's largely silly and goes absolutely nowhere, and there's probably only a very small and specific audience who might find the whole thing as amusing as I am. But, hey. It's my party, right?

In which the Doctor and Donna don't fight any aliens, or even go very far back in time.Collapse )
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