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Time and Relative Dimension in Space
Don't blink
And going and going... 
25th-Feb-2010 06:50 am
Doctor smug
It's.... 6:45 in the morning.

Ranger's on the floor behind me, slowly devouring a little lego ladder. Every time I look at him he looks back over his shoulder and wags his tail; I don't have the heart to take it off him!

This room almost resembles a Real Room now. The cupboard is actually properly arranged and contains only things we actually WANT in there. All the 'other people's stuff' that we've been 'babysitting' for months/years is no longer in here! (OK, so that stuff is now mostly in the hall...) The floor is... well, it's a FLOOR now! And I'm gradually getting things up on the wall that have been waiting for hooks for months. The desks need clearing, and there are a couple of bags on the futon waiting to be sorted. But I am so close to a real, solid accomplishment!

I'm about three quarters of the way through a random two-weeks-off-work. I needed the break, maaan I needed the break. I know when I reach the end I'm going to feel like it wasn't long enough; I mean I've managed to get a lot done, sure, but it never feels like enough.

Even when I'm having a 'break' all I want to do is keep going and going and going....
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